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Monday, September 1, 2014

Polar Bear run, 6th annual run in sunny weather, one heck of a jol

After a bit of confusion as to whether the Polar Bear run was going to take place or fade into obscurity after five years, Greg jumped in to save the day and the run. It was late because some of us were not available at the end of July and it was a bit short notice for some of the guys but what a pleasure having a warm and sunny biker outing! I'm so tired of the rain now and last year's run was a wet one.
It was even a relaxed meeting time; 10h00 at the Langebaan Engen garage, I arrived a bit early to refuel and get some coffee, Greg and Frank were already there and Shawn arrived shortly thereafter.
We waited until way after 10h00 and still the others hadn't arrived, I suggested to Greg that maybe they were waiting at the other Engen garage, the one in Velddrif?
So he phoned and sure enough that's where they were, "Ok take the river road and we'll meet you outside Hopefield." and off we went.
 In the end it was after 11h00 by the time the others arrived because Fungis had had problems with a deflating front tyre so he and Graeme had turned back, they would meet us later at the hotel. We were eventually seven guys on seven bikes and we roared up the hill out of Hopefield, I took point and kept the speed at 130 to 140kmh so as to keep the group together, this was to prove frustrating to Shawn on more than one occasion. Eventually he and I broke away on two occasions to do some speeding.
Fantastic riding weather, there was a little bit of wind near and around Malmesbury, but not enough to ruin the ride. It was just so good to be out on the bike and the comments from the other guys at the stops made it plain that they felt the same way.
The first stop was in Malmesbury to let the group re-gather, some needed fuel and some needed to smoke, in fact just as we got back on the road two of the group missed a turning, Frank and Gideon took the longer route to Wellington but at least we had all agreed on a stop at the Gecko Lounge for beer so they knew where we were going.
The run through to Wellington was great, we were in wine country and the road wound and undulated its way through the verdant green winelands, it was proving very difficult to keep the speed down and Shawn flashed past me, obviously the cold beers were calling out to him.
Five of us pulled into the Gecko Lounge parking area but the other two were not far behind because we were still busy with the first bitterly cold beer when they arrived.
 Here Frank and Gideon enjoy their first drink while we exchanged stories about the ride thus far, from there it was only about 20kms to the turn off to Gouda and we agreed that we would pull over and wait at the turn off, this gave Shawn and I the opportunity to do some fast riding and he and I wound it on, flashing past the slower traffic on the long, almost straight stretch from Wellington to the Gouda turnoff, we both really enjoyed that and in fact we didn't have to wait long at all for the others to join us, obviously they all wanted to ride!
Hands up those of you in the western cape who have been to the Gouda Hotel before? I didn't even know there was a hotel in that dusty little dorp but Greg suggested we check to see if there's anywhere for a dop in Gouda, we still had plenty of time so why not? What a pleasant surprise!
There's a very festive and brightly decorated pub there, the people were friendly and the beers were ice cold, in fact there was batchelor party on the go when we got there! Two drinks, or was it three? Who's counting? We saddled up and headed down the final stretch towards Porterville but first there was the traditional cheese and wine stop to take care of, and it was a pity that Graeme wasn't with us because it had developed from the very first Polar Bear Run when we stopped in a laybye for a leg stretch on the way to Sutherland when he pulled a bottle of wine and some cheese from his pannier and shared it with all of his brothers.
 It was an extremely pleasant stop on the side of the road, I put my bike on its centre stand and used it as a serving table and we gathered around for some banter in the sun with wine, cheese and biscuits, really people, what could be more pleasant than that?
We spent nearly an hour there just enjoying the company and the repast, none of us had had anything to eat until then, so it went down well. From there it was forty kms to Porterville and what a fast forty that was! Everyone seemed to have the need for speed!
We lined the bikes up outside the Porterville Hotel and went inside, apparently we would have to wait about an hour to check in and to take the bikes through to the rear parking area as the owner was not yet there, what to do in the meantime? Head for the bar!
Frank wasted no time and got chatting to some ladies and then they left, quite quickly, better luck next time buddy!
The party got going, by then everyone had arrived including Des, Fungis and Graeme and all of the dirt bike riders who had taken their own off road route and arrived looking dusty and dishevelled but happy, we were fourteen or fifteen revellers by then and the bar was starting to cash in.
The hotel staff provided us with an exceptional buffet supper of roast lamb, potatoes, vegetables, fritters with a delicious mussel starter and desserts - well done guys we needed that. After dinner the party raged on.
Frank's number was drawn as the "lucky" number for one of the Polar Bears, the ice challenge!
Ten minutes like this! He won a meal for two at a restaurant but better luck was to come! A lovely young lady who was visiting for the evening took pity on poor Frank and offered to warm his feet up for him!
How lovely, the only problem was that by then Frank had no feeling in his feet!
 What a lovely young lady she was, a breath of fresh air, so much so that before she left Des awarded her one of the prizes. How nice it is to have people like her brighten up a party, well done young lady, we all loved you.
The party raged on, most of the guys faded out by midnight or 01h00 but not us, Oh no, we partied on. We were informed that the bar would close at 02h00 but in fact it didn't and we were given the opportunity to buy more drinks up until 02h30 so we did!
Frank danced with the lovely young barmaid.
 Frank danced with Shawn, no gender discrimination at our parties!
This photo was taken by the barmaid just before she closed the bar, last men standing, we stocked up and moved outside. Some people smoked a bit of weed and we suffered abuse from those trying to sleep but we ignored them. It was 05h00 when we eventually called it a night, what a party it had been.
This is the sight I woke up to when Des banged on our door at 09h00! "Come on get up, Greg's doing the Polar Bear ride!" I struggled out of bed to face the day.
 Greg's number came up for the ride, he was lucky it was a warm morning because you have to ride up the main street in jocks and boots and by then there was quite an audience, well done Greg!
After a really good buffet breakfast I headed for home, I was feeling rough, lots to drink and maybe just a little bit of the weed?!
Thankfully two years ago I had suggested that we find places close to home for the party so that the Sunday ride would be short, too many times we had ridden up to six hundred kms home on the Sunday and it wasn't so good!
I rode down to the N7 at Pikketburg, sped along the N7 to Mooreesburg and then home along the R45, after a very pleasant ride I was home by 11h30. Another great Polar Bear run with a great bunch of guys, what more could you ask for? By Tuesday I would be feeling alright.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A biker party and a Sunday ride, back in the saddle

Greetings, it seems that my problem with spamming is not as serious as I imagined and thanks to those of you that replied, Brandy and Earl, I appreciate it.
Moving on; Good weather interspersed with really crap weather and the really good days have mostly been work days. I ask you with tears in my eyes......."Why?" Spring approaches, albeit rather slowly, so we should soon be riding much more. The spring flowers, for which the western cape is world renowned have started to show, at the moment mostly just the white daisies with the occasional splash of intense orange but it promises to be a good season.
Sunday was one of those amazing days, we spent most of the day out on the bike and had a most enjoyable local cruise.
Back in time slightly, Saturday evening was a combined birthday get together for four bikers and what better excuse could there be for a jol? (Party) This was to be held at the Gypsy Jokers clubhouse, soon to be a biker bar once the legalities have been finalised, and we arrived at around four o'clock.
Grant was already busy with the potjies, the bigger one was a beef/lamb combination and the smaller one was rice, already there were a good few people in the bar.
In the meantime Paulo was busy getting the bonfire on the go, this was to prove a popular gathering spot later in the evening as the temperature dropped.
Gradually people started arriving, it was good to see my old friend Alan there, we meet at rallies all over the Cape.
"Do bad things", I suggested that as she was a biker chick she should show us her tits but she didn't, maybe it was too early?
I cooked mussels as a starter for the crowd and these went down extremely well.
 Soon we moved into the bar, after I had cooked the last of the mussels, because it started getting cold outside, the music was good biker rock 'n roll, the booze flowed and the air was sweet with the herbal fragrance of  high quality weed. I loved it! You don't need to smoke, just breathe the air man.
 Hopefully soon this will be our weekend spot like the old Phoenix bar used to be, a place to stop in for a couple after a weekend ride or a rally and discuss the ride with like minded people.
 Like I said, the bonfire turned out to be a popular gathering point and kudos to Eduardo and Anna for the organisation, they had even laid "roll-on" lawn out front for people to set up tents!
Two dirty old biker scums cornered the sweet little barmaid for a photo opportunity, I think she enjoyed it!
Grant's excellent potjie was ready at exactly the right time, well done that man! He put in a lot of work. The party raged on into the night and the wee, small hours of the morning, Eduardo apparently had to kick people out at four o'clock and I would not have been surprised if Frank was one of them! We left at a more reasonable time though I'm not sure what time it was.
Happy birthday to the four ....... guys, it was one hell of a jol, let's hope there are many more. You just gotta love bikers! I will get more photos and I will make a second story with them because it was such a damn good party and I apologise for the recent lack of posts, but I assure you I am back.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oxtail potjie and sadza lunch

Still no opportunities for riding, the weather has been terrible and when there has been good weather I have had to work! I started the bike's engine the other evening just to keep the battery up and there was a slight hesitation, I need to ride. Now our family is with us for three weeks so there's still not much time to ride, oh well summer's just around the corner.
The first rally that I know about is the Beaver in Montagu in early November, Frank and I are going to attend that one and I am going to help organise the next Polar Bear run with Des for the end of August, so there are some bike jols coming up.
In keeping with (part of) the theme of this blog I did an oxtail potjie today for lunch and we drank lots of beers, it was raining this morning when I started but that's why I bought the gas braai, so that even when the weather is bad I can still cook outside. This is in reference to the way that I got crapped out by my buddies when I bought it!
 I started at about 07h30 this morning by browning the meat in a very hot pot for about half an hour and then removing it from the pot and setting it aside. At this stage I flavoured the meat with a good amount of Aromat, braai spice and mixed herbs.
To the beef flavoured sauce left in the pot I added some cooking oil and then chucked in five small onions and two green bell peppers which I had rough chopped along with a good tablespoon of crushed garlic and cooked them until they were soft and translucent.
The meat then went back in along with a large cup of red wine into which I mixed a packet of "Rich Oxtail soup" powder and a beef stock cube,
the contents of a bottle of the best beer on the market went in next and then it was time to simmer for at least four hours over a gentle heat.
Time to add the hard vegetables, in this case potatoes and butternut, salt and pepper to taste and then simmer some more.
Test the potatoes and the meat with a sharp knife after about an hour to make sure that they are close to ready and then add chopped mushrooms and cabbage, close the lid and bring the heat up a little more, in the meantime I went into the kitchen to make the "sadza".
 Once everything is ready get the family to have a feed, my son in law helps himself from the pot and above my daughter and my son tucking in.
 I personally cannot resist the old "Rhodesian" way of rolling the sadza and dipping it into the gravy, if the sadza is made properly you can roll it without it sticking to your hands and we would stand around the pot for quite a while eating like that.
 There's the plate of skoff, oxtail, vegetables, sadza, gravy and avocado, a meal fit for a king washed down with some good red wine. Tomorrow morning I will be making "Stuffed sadza balls" with the leftovers for breakfast, I show you those a bit later.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Friday pool at the Rooikrans pub

So Friday afternoon Frank and I met as usual at the Rooikrans pub in Vredenburg for our weekly pool tournament, sometimes it's just the two of us, but more and more often now we are joined by others wanting to play some games. This time Don and Anton came along and as usual it turned into a boisterous session interspersed with expletives typical to a group of bikers. I love it!
In this video clip Frank managed to beat Anton, which doesn't happen all that often, Anton is an ex league player who plays a cautious, tactical game whereas Frank and I tend to hit and hope and you will actually hear Frank playing a "Danny" shot which refers to the way our dear departed brother Danny used to play.
There's Frank, standing like a champ.!
Anton going for his shot.
Any of you fancy yourself as pool players come on over to the Rooikraans on a Friday afternoon, it's where the bikers hang out and talk shit!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Winter blues

Man this weather sucks! Alright I acknowledge that our winter down here in the southern hemisphere is not as bad as our biker brothers and sisters get up there in the north, we still get lovely mild riding days in the middle of winter, but the past week or two has been lousy. If I remember correctly Monday and Tuesday last week were beautiful mild days but I had to work, what the hell good is that? Man this working for a living sucks!
The Meeulanders mcc, which Janet and I have recently joined, has their monthly breakfast run scheduled for Sunday so here's hoping it's a good day so that we can get some saddle time.
For the past many years I have resisted joining any clubs but have ridden with the Meeulanders on many rallies and breakfast runs and they have always accepted me as if I was a member, even as far as loading my gear onto the group's vehicle which carries extra kit to the rally site, hell man at the last Buffalo rally they even erected my tent for me before I arrived!
So it was that after some discussion Janet and I decided to apply for membership and we were happily accepted, we have since been to two of the regular monthly meetings and I must say that right away I emjoyed the spirit of cameraderie there. We have not been "patched" yet but I expect that won't take long, from now on we are club riders.

So of "Braais, beers and bikes" there has only been beers of late, hopefully on the bike soon, not the weather for braais. Talking about food; the other organisation of which I am a member is the local Sheep's head guild and my friend and I went for dinner last Tuesday;
this was my meal, delicious crispy roasted sheep's head. Not to everyone's taste I accept, but I love it.
 Accompanied by a good red wine, I can think of no other meal which gives so many different tastes and textures on one plate from the skin and cheeks, the eyes, the tongue and the brains - it's all good. I look forward to each occasion.
I'm meeting Frank for our weekly pool game this afternoon, sometimes we are joined by other players and it gets quite noisy, I'll take my camera along and show you some pictures, stay safe out there.
Happy fourth of July to my American friends.